Experiential workshops in Constellations

When the eye is not blocked, the result is the vision,
when the mind is not blocked, the result is wisdom.

- Chinese Proverb -

In Farfala CG we periodically organize experiential workshops in Systemic Coaching and Family Constellations.

Experiential workshopsOur experiential workshops have a dual objective:

On the one hand , it’s an ideal space for people who, after acquiring the basic skills in systemic coaching and family constellations, want to strengthen and deepen their knowledge and skills as a constelletor.

On the other hand, we extend a special invitation to all those who, although not trained in systemic coaching, would like to use it to work on a theme; personal, professional or organizational, and get a more expanded view on a difficult or delicate theme.

Our intention is to create a relaxed, friendly, intimate and at the same time revitalizing space where all participants have the opportunity to contact again with yourself and your own well-being in life.

“Rosaria is a real expert in systemic coaching. Through combining various techniques she is able to bring light and clarity to the most complicated situations and relationships and also create new scenarios and changes in attitude.

As a facilitator, she has great skill: with sensitivity and intuition she also helps you become more aware of your actions and make decisions. In addition to being useful for me, I was able to apply what I learned with her, in my professional environment. Thanks Rosaria!“

- Marta Esteban -

 “Participating in constellations in Farfala , has allowed me to redevelop my professional work as a therapist , at a time when it was stranded.

The result has been a continuous growth and expansion, even in times of crisis.

On a personal level I could see the patterns of behavior with my ex partner and solve the family problems of structure, organization and order that altered the entire map of my life, generating great stress.

Participating in the constellations of other people, I could see other nuances of my life that I could not see before. I am grateful for the work I did in Systemic Farfala”.

- Marian -

“I came to you [Rosaria] at a critical moment of my life.

I attended a session of family constellations and what I can say is this:

  • I found this magical work, a therapy with a great power,
  • The technique and the way you handled it, I thought it was masterful .
  • Your Centre has given me peace and tranquility,

Thank you for your work.”

- Carme Alpañez -