Transformational Coaching

There are people who live in a dream world,
others who live in the real world,
and still others that transform the first into the second.

- Anonymous -

Transformational Coaching (CT) is a very innovative approach, used to deal with human problems by focusing on learning that is directed not only to the brain, but also to the emotions, body and verbal language.

One advantage of CT is that it enables the person to expand their life opportunities and create a powerful way of being, of living and sharing.

Butterfly metamorphosisCT focus on the heart of the coachee, their values​​, their thought patterns, on the vision that the client has of themself, their courage, their fears and their intentions.

Noticing and taking responsibility for change requires a lot of effort for both sides of the coaching relationship, but the result is well worth it.

In fact, the output of a path or a series of interactions transformational coaching is a profound change, a real transformation not a new make-up or a new hairstyle, but a true metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.