Training in Systemic Coaching

“I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.”

- William Ernest Henley -

Our training in systemic coaching and constellations integrates different methodologies, making it complete, experiential, holistic and very practical.

We realized that by combining different methods of coaching such as transformational coaching, ontological coaching and Appreciative Inquiry, into a combined training course, we could offer a more complete overview.


The result allows the student to be able to have more resources and tools that enable a greater understanding of the whole process involved in a coaching session with an individual client or with a systemic or organizational group.

Developing greater skills to welcome and accompany the client:

  • Creating an environment and space in which to start the first conversation with the client, creating connection and confidence,
  • Formulation of the questions that facilitate reflection and open up the path to the solution (such as the miracle question derived from the de Shazer),
  • Appreciative Inquiry techniques, which allow the question of what the client has acquired and motivating them to a deep reflection that arises from possibility and not from judgment.

To provide a “core” training in systemic coaching and the foundations of constellations, used , we refer to the systemic methodologies of family constellations (Bert Hellinger) from which has sprung, organisational constelations (Gunthard Weber) and structural constellations (Varga von Kibéd and Sparrer). Students will receive training in the theoretical basis of the three methodologies applied to real and concrete cases.

Yad VashemThis training has the overall objective of:

  • Offering an understanding of the systemic dynamic and putting into practice the principles themselves;
  • Expanding soft skills;
  • Improving the balance between knowing how to be and how to do in order to become a better professional in the art of accompanying.

We hope to offer many quality complementary methodologies that provide a solid reference point in order to better negotiate the first steps as a systemic coach.

Our driving ambition is that our students are able to integrate knowing how to learn and be able to relearn in a continual process of improvement and transcendent.

What is the Systemic Coaching

“Sometimes the client is deep in the process of coaching and is stuck at a point that seems to be slowing down the progress. When this happens, it is very likely that other factors are influencing the situation; we are talking about the interaction with a system to which the client belongs.

In “Systemic Coaching “we look at the whole system surrounding the person, in order to have a broader perspective. In a session of “systemic ” there is a greater vision that can be used to look at things from another perspective.”

- From an article written by Rosaria Simone and Alba Corral which appears in the book “PNL y Coaching: una visión integradora” -

Our Training Course is aimed at

  • Professionals who work with people in organization,
  • Coaches, consultants, counsellors who want to give individual attention,
  • Teachers and other education Professionals,
  • Therapists, psychologists,
  • People who want to develop an understanding of the systemic process,
  • Professionals who work in different areas of people development,
  • Executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, family mediators, lawyers, social workers,
  • Trainers who work with employees, families and / or labor organizations.


Rosaria Simone

Certified Senior Coach. Coaching Trainer. Gestalt therapist. NLP Trainer. International expert in Systemic Coaching and Constellations family. (Learn more)

This training in Constellations has been an experience that has helped ​​me grow as a person.

Rosaria is a great facilitator, who cares about the clients process, has a lot of energy and a sense of humor! Thank you for being there and accompanying me in my experience.”

- Maria Rosa Ollé -

The training in Constellation work has helped me on a personal level.

I am very happy with what I have learnt in the training, even though at the beginning it’s a little bit difficult to “enter” into these issues.

The practical part of the course allowed me to understand the invisible dynamics and resonances. Thanks for everything.”

- Rosa -

The main result was getting to know myself better and be happier, more at peace with myself.

The first thing I want to thank you for is your contribution to the improvement in my personal, professional and family life. The systemic constellations have contributed to many changes in all these areas.

The main gain has been an increase in my confidence in myself and my self esteem (…) . Another important aspect that I have less reluctance to show my vulnerability and my strength. In the final analysis , deepening my knowledge of myself has allowed me to be more happy and at peace. In all this, Rosaria , you were decisive in determining the path that I started a few years ago with you. I am very grateful. Many thanks, Rosaria.”

- Angels B.P. -

Thanks to the training I am more aware of the impact of the disease on the individual and the system.

The training has allowed me to expand my vision with respect to the disease in its advanced stage. I am more aware of the impact of the disease on the individual and also of all the implications of family and systemic disease.

I learned useful systemic techniques that help to intervene when there is much suffering.

On a personal level, the training has allowed me to take more care of myself and my needs.

Rosaria , your spontaneity , humor and professionalism gives me confidence.

I also appreciate the support and dedication of the Farfala team. A big hug!”

- Marta López i Elías, EAPS Red Cross -