Individual Coaching Sessions

The essence of our being human lies
not in our limitations
but in our ability to transcend them.

- Ray Kurzweil -

ClicksFarfala CG offers the possibility of receiving coaching sessions and individual therapy in English.

When we are experiencing a process of personal or professional growth, we often feel the need to express ourselves in our own language.

There are experiences, thoughts, emotions, feelings that require the depth and variety of your mother tongue.

We have experienced that in systemic coaching and constellations, using their own language of origin during the working process, strengthens the message and makes it more profoundly healing. The native language allows you to get to ”soul”.

“In 2004 Rosaria helped me to understand the concerns of a professional company team that was I heading at a sensitive time of acquisition by a multinational company. Thank you for your support”.

- J.A. Cardona -

 “What I learned with you, Rosaria:

  • To give everything I have, because life will recognize me.
  • To know the energy that only a woman can move.
  • To let myself be guided by my intuition, because in it, lies the knowledge of the past, present and future.

I discovered the wonders of constellations and I appreciate your special gift in leading with your instinct.

  • That one is not perfect, but if I were, I would not be human.
  • I owe you most of my personal growth process.

I love you, thank you for everything you gave me”.

-  Cristina Rubio Sole -

“Rosaria has been one of my teachers in life.

Her support (both in individual sessions in training , and in Constellations sessions) allowed me to encounter the deepest of my beliefs and mental models, bring them to light and replace them when I felt that they limited me.

Thanks to her respectful and irreverent “fault clearing” I could boost my personal power and my ability to interact with myself and with others in a manner far more beneficial to all involved.

Her presence and her style, light and deep at the same time, allowed me to find my very own style as a trainer and as a coach.

Through the powerful conversations I had with Rosaria, I realized what I was and, more importantly, what I wanted to be, and so was able to move into action and make things happen. Thanks to you Rosaria: accompanying, sensitive and challenging. What I am today, I owe to you”.

- Stefania Stiscia, Coach personal and organizational -