Feeding Body, Heart and Soul

“There is no body but eats and drinks. But they are few who can distinguish flavors.”

- Confucius -

CooksHow are we feeding our lives?

How can we be inspired by cooking?

How can the kitchen be converted into a space for a carefree and fun connection from which I can learn about myself and about my relationship with others?

How can food affect my emotions?

Preparing and sharing food allows us to create the right environment to generate important conversations and reflections on the meaning of life and on our relations with the world and with others. Like always, confidences are born around the kitchen fire, there are emotions that bind us to others in a loving and vital embrace. Our ancestors gathered around the cooking fire to share life experiences and solidify the relationships within the tribe.

The fire is energy that allows the alchemy and transformation of food, to transform raw food into something new, different, fascinating and full of flavor, something that revitalizes us. In the kitchen, we build a synergy of flavors and mixtures of odors and smells that remind us of past experiences and memories. We connect deeply with our humanity and vitality.

Through the food we cook, we find the source to nourish the body soul and spirit to re-learn to cook, and live better.

CakeThe joy of the people sharing a tasty dinner or a delicious meal, allows us to enjoy life playfully through creativity, magic and relaxation….

But food is also medicine, which serves to heal the body, revitalize and reinvigorate it. Spices, herbs, natural teas, etc . Were the basis of folk wisdom for centuries and have helped many generations to heal from illness.

In Farfala CG we are aware that the relationship between food, body, emotions, mind and spirit is very important in the process of retroactive validation and the well-being of a person.

For this reason, we offer workshops on the meaning and the importance of cooking and eating in our lives, with the aim of helping individuals groups to rediscover power and healing through the kitchen and our reflexions on the process of cooking and sharing food. We also hope to facilitate the creation of a harmonious relationship with our body, our emotions and our soul.