“Rootless you can not fly.”

- Bertold Ulsamer -

Constellations offer an essential and profound knowledge of reality, created by Bert Hellinger, German philosopher and therapist, who systematized the technique in 1980.


During Constellations we often see emerge all the functional and dysfunctional dynamics that lie within the system that you want to represent (family, business, relationships, etc.) Through this method, they can be observed, understood and transformed.

Constellations are a “gift” for mankind, one simple and powerful tool to restore the correct order systemically.

Each of us is simultaneously part of several systems: the psychophysical individual, the family system, the educational system, the work system, the country’s system, the eco-system and on into the spiritual dimension.

Being able to find ones “rightful place” with respect to the systems of which we are part is a way towards good health and happiness.

Who is it recommended for?

MatrioskasConstellations work is useful for all those people who are interested in improving their personal or professional life, opening a path to a greater understanding of their own systems in which they live and work every day.

The systemic work is very precise and deep because it goes directly to the essence of the problem to convert it into an opportunity for growth and powerful and deep transformation.

It is also recommended to professionals who work in the helping professions (therapists, counselors, coaches, doctors, consultants, brokers, lawyers, managers…) and who wish to incorporate constellations into their work as a means of understanding the systemic dynamics in which each individual is involved.

Constellations can be done through group or individual sessions.