International Section

“Give someone you love, wings to fly,
Roots to come back,
and reasons to stay.”

- Dalai Lama -

Jordan groupNowadays our world is web of multicultural connections where people meet and interweave cultures, languages, religions and many ways of learning.

Farfala Coaching, based in Barcelona Milan and Jerusalem, offers the perfect context and place to help you to re discover your personal strengths and connect with your inner wisdom.

We will learn in a multicultural environment and make inner and outer journeys starting by honoring our original home lands and then discovering how other cultures and lands can inspire us.

In widening our horizon, we take in ancestral wisdom those contexts us with the original power of love.

We enrich our lives and recognize how the beauty of human creations are the hidden treasures we have received.

We invite you to join in the experience of sharing and living in a group, where both together and at the same time alone, you will find the motivation, enthusiasm and dedication to the take on the challenge of searching for yourself. Here, you are the protagonist and the spectator of the rebirthing of the best in you.

We will work with nature, history, sacred places, arts , breathing, cooking, painting, dancing, writing , shamanic rituals and constellations.

“Rosaria, the Family constellations that I did with you in November 2012, represented a really big step forward in my life and a great help to me. When I’m in Farfala, I feel like I’m at home. Thank you.”

- Carmen Baeza, Coach -

“My experience with you, Rosaria, and Farfala, can be divided into two important aspects: the personal and the professional. From a personal point of view, thanks to the family constellations, I was able to find “something” that was hidden and that had to do with the relationship with my parents. From a professional point of view, I found a great and “magic” tool that can be used in a context such as in the corporate family.

Thank you so much to the Farfala team and to Rosaria, for your human qualities.

A big hug.”

- Ferran, Coach and Trainer -