Retrieving our sacred Wisdom, in Holy Lands

4th International Workshop
Inspirational Journey in Palestine, Israel &Jordan

Easter Period

From March 29 to abril 10 2012.

Rosaria Simone y Sivan Beibe

Strength does not come from physical capacity but from an indomitable will.

sunsetWe invite you to walk the Way of the inner Transformation,  on especially inspiring lands… Lands that have been traveled before by several people in history, revolutionizing their time. The course of these roads as a means of reuniting with your own Leadership from the Heart.

  • We offer you to meet with the magic of different places that can help us to connect with the sacredness of each one of us.
  • Jerusalem, the Holy City, the starting point of this journey: inspires us to connect and marvel at the unknown, the sacred and the magic of the day to day.
  • Rituals: Reconnect with the special power of rituals, with the intention to make tangible the intangible side of  human experience.
  • A journey that incorporates the energy of different historical sites, cultures, religions and outlooks on life.
  • Activities in the Jordanian desert, crossing the Jordanian-Israeli border, visiting the mysterious city of Petra and experiencing the powerful of Wadi Rum desert.
  • Another opportunity to tune in to and be inspired by nature, to re-awaken our senses, re-energizing ourselves with our own wisdom and with the nature of all time.
  • This is an experience of sharing and living in group, where we experience the living together and at the same time the loneliness; where we develop a methodology that requires your willingness, enthusiasm and dedication to the challenge of searching within yourself.  Here, you are the protagonist and spectator of a rebirthing of the best in you.
  • We will work with Nature, History, Sacred Places, the Art of (Breathing, Cooking, Painting, Dancing, Writing) , Shamanic Rituals and Constellations.

Contact and registration:

  • Rosaria Simone:
    Mobile: (+34) 670.83.97.69
    Farfala office: (+34) 93.513.44.93
  • Sivan Beibe:


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